Roasted Tomato with Ajowan Masala

May 23, 2019


This recipe is perfect now big, juicy tomatoes are back in the market. It is pretty simple, and brings out all the flavour of the tomatoes set off by aromatic spice. The marquee spice here is ajowan (also known as king’s cumin and carom), which has a character not too far away from fennel seed, though lacking the slight liquorice flavour fennel has. Ghee is the best base to use but coconut oil works too – the fat is used to fry the masala, then this is poured over the tomatoes before roasting.


1Heat the ghee, then fry the shallot until softened. Add the chilli and the spices, and fry for a minute or two until the aroma of the spices rises from the pan, then set aside.

2Halve the tomatoes and pack them into an oven-proof dish or tray, cut side up, as tightly as possible. Now pour over the ghee and spice, making sure it is well spread across the tomatoes.

3 Cover the dish (if your dish doesn’t have a lid, just use tin foil) and place it in an oven preheated to 160 degrees, and bake the tomatoes for 30-40 minutes.

4Remove from the oven and leave to rest for five minutes before removing the lid/foil.


1tbs Ghee or Coconut Oil

6 Large, plump, juicy and ripe Tomatoes

2 Banana Shallots, chopped

2 Green Finger Chillies, chopped

2tsp Ajowan seed

1tsp Nigella seed

2tsp Curry Leaves