Terms & Conditions

Most of our spices are packaged in resealable bags.

Please see the important statement below regarding the use of certain allergens in our manufacturing methods.

Allergen statement:

Spice Mountain supply a range of products which are internationally sourced from approved suppliers. Information is gathered from all suppliers to enhance our knowledge of the product and supplier handling procedures.

The following allergens are regularly handled by Spice Mountain and their approved suppliers. Whilst our in-house handling procedures ensure the risk of cross contamination is reduced or eliminated, we cannot guarantee however that trace amounts of these allergens may not have been present at some point in the manufacturing process.

Sesame seeds    Celery
Mustard              Ginger and Garlic containing naturally occurring sulphites
Nuts                   Spice Blends

If you require further information about a particular spice or blend, please get in touch by email at mail@spicemountain.wpengine.com

For our overseas customers: Most countries may impose custom charges on receipt of your goods. It is important that you make these enquiries regarding your country’s regulations & fees in regards to additional charges you may be required to pay before placing your order.