Coconut and Beetroot Tandoori

March 7, 2019


This dish is a way we discovered to use our Spice of the Month, Coconut and Beetroot curry blend, and follows the same principles as a ‘normal’ Tandoori but tastes completely different. It works very well with chicken of course, but an interesting variation is to use fish – try cod, swordfish, salmon or tuna steaks, any firm, meaty fish. The method uses coconut milk instead of the more usual yoghurt, and it is not as spicy hot as a regular tandoori so if you like it hot, add a teaspoon or two of Kashmiri chilli powder. There aren’t many ingredients involved, and of course cooking just involves sticking a tray in the oven, so this is very easy to do if you don’t have much time.


1 As easy as it gets – simply mix the Coconut and Beetroot blend and the curry leaves with the coconut milk, and marinade the chicken or fish in this for a few hours – overnight is even better if you plan ahead.

2Heat your oven to 170 degrees, and lay the chicken or fish in a shallow tray. If you like, add a few quartered tomatoes to the tray, tucking them alongside the chicken or fish. This will help keep them nice and juicy, and also adds to the flavour.

3Place the tray in the oven. Chicken will take 40 minutes or so, fish about half of that. Serve alongside a nice veggie curry and some pilau rice, or with a nice crispy salad.


500g Chicken thighs/legs or Fish steak of your choice

5 tsp Coconut and Beetroot curry blend

Coconut Milk, half a can

2 tsp Curry Leaves