Lahore Lamb Chops

May 26, 2017

This recipe is from Pakistan, and involves marinating lamb chops in a fiery blend of spices before grilling or, ideally, barbecuing the chops juicy perfection. It works best with the small, thinly cut lamb cutlets which are widely available in Asian butchers, as these cook though quickly allowing a high temperature to be used for cooking. They are great served as a starter with a mint raitha for a dipping sauce, and are the best bit of a barbecue for those who like a blast of spice!


1Simply combine all the marinade ingredients, adding a little water to give a thick, pasty consistency.

2Marinade the chops, ideally for 24 hours or so, then grill on a high heat, turning frequently, for 10 minutes or so.

3They will cook slightly faster on a barbecue. Be careful as using a high heat means the chops could burn quite easily.

4Serve as a starter alongside a sliced onion salad, mint raitha and chapati or roti.


4 lamb cutlets per person

5tsp Spice Mountain Karachi curry blend

1tbs Spice Mountain Tomato powder

2tsp Spice Mountain Smoked Garlic granules

2tbs Spice Mountain dried Methi (fenugreek) leaf

2tsp Spice Mountain Smoked Salt

1tbs Coconut Oil​

3tbs Lemon juice