Zanzibar Curry blend

Another curry blend which shows how the Indian diaspora made themselves at home allover the world, in this case East Africa. Many of the emigres to this part of the world came from the state of Gujarat, where the vast majority of people are vegetarian, and this blend reflects that as it makes an amazing veggie curry! It is medium hot, featuring mustard and cinnamon to lend a sweet fragrance and an earthy kick. For a veggie curry we would suggest one combining potato (or sweet potato), carrot and cauliflower, as the veg holds together and really takes on the flavour of the curry. If you need your meat, however, Zanzibar blend works really well with chicken (especially when used as a spice rub rather than a curry powder). Zanzibar curry can be made with coconut milk, but works equally well with tomato, yoghurt or just plain water.

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