Spinach powder

Spinach powder is a very versatile product – commonly used as a colouring agent, for example in pasta, it also retains all the healthy aspects of fresh spinach and so is much used in smoothies and detox drinks as it is rich in iron and vitamins; spinach genuinely deserves its place in the company of other ‘superfoods’.

Our spinach powder is 100% natural and gives a bright, vivid green colour to fresh pasta and pastries. Also it is very handy to add to curries, stews, soups and dips to add colour, flavour and nutritional value.

A teaspoon added to guacamole will give the dip a longer lasting, brighter colour, and it works equally well in pesto. It is an excellent source of antoxidants and as one of the healthiest vegetables, is an excellent addition to create delicious smoothies and detox drinks.

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