Red Miso Powder

Miso is probably best known as one of the bedrocks of Japanese cuisine, particularly in the form of Miso soup (which combines miso powder with dashi stock), and it is one of the best sources of umami, the fifth element of flavour. Our miso powder is made from fermented soy beans, rice, salt and vitamin B, and available in both white (shiromiso) and red (akamiso) varieties. The flavour of miso is of course salty, but on top of that it has been described as sweet, earthy, fruity and savoury. The red version is aged for longer and so these flavours are all even stronger, and something to note is the aroma – simply taking the lid off the tub releases a divine smell which will get your mouth watering immediately! Away from Japanese cooking miso combines really well with tomatoes, which are also strong in umami, and can be used anywhere you need that umami blast.

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