mulled wine

Mulled Wine Spice Bomb

Everyone knows it; you’re walking through the Christmas market when around the corner wafts the sweet, spicy smell of mulled wine, one of winter’s most familiar and best-loved scents. With our mulled wine spice bombs it is so easy to bring that appetising aroma into your own living room!
We have wrapped each bomb of whole aromatic spices in muslin, and carefully hand tied them, so all you need to do is drop one of them with a bottle of wine into a pan and heat gently (do not boil!!!) as the spices infuse. And for those who do not drink alcohol, these spice bombs work equally well with apple juice, meaning even the kids can join in!
Our bombs contain allspice, cinnamon, coriander, cloves, cardamom, juniper, mace and ginger, the perfect combination to warm up those winter evenings, and bring the smell of Christmas into your home.
We sell our spice bombs individually, and one bomb is perfect for one bottle of wine (or if using apple juice, for 1 litre). We guarantee that you will love the results!

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