Matcha powder, 100%

The list of ‘superfoods’ grows all the time, and matcha is a relatively new kid on the block on this list. Matcha is a green tea which originated in China but is now better known in Japan, where it incredibly popular (in fact it has become very popular worldwide nowadays). The most obvious difference between matcha and regular green (or black) tea is that matcha is powdered. This means it keeps its vivid green colour, and also that all the nutrients it contains are both retained and consumed. It is amazingly high in antioxidants, 60 times higher than spinach for example, and it is also thought to boost the metabolism and burn calories. It has a grassy flavour, some say notes of spinach, and it can be used in cooking as well as to drink. Try adding matcha to smoothies or granola at breakfast time, or add to the mix for cakes and muffins for a lovely colour and a real health boost! Finally, matcha makes absolutely wonderful ice cream. Spice Mountain’s Matcha powder comes from Japan and it is also often referred to as ‘ceremonial matcha’

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