Dhania seeds, Indian Coriander

Dhania is the Indian word for coriander, one of the most commonly used spices worldwide. However the seeds actually produced in India, like these, are quite different to those produced in temperate climates. They are larger, and their flavour is more floral, with more citrus notes.
They can be used whole or ground, and are an essential part of the Indian pantry. Dhania is found in every garam masala, giving it an earthy balance.
In Europe dhania seeds are used in pickles, and they also work very well (whole or ground) in beef stews. Additionally they are much used in brewing, particularly in Belgian wheat beers where they are added in combination with orange. And of course they are an integral part of the spice mix used for mulled wine or cider.
This spice has an affinity with most things, explaining its universal usage, but one particularly good match is with carrots – roast, then grind the seeds and add to a carrot soup, together with a little orange juice, for a delicious twist. They are also gorgeous in chutneys.

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