Golpar pods

Golpar is a spice native to Persia, and very important in the cuisine of the region. It has a unique flavour and pungent aroma – many say it tastes more delicious than it smells! The flavour is best described as slightly bitter, earthy and woody. The seed pods offered here can be used whole added to pickling spice, but golpar is used far more often powdered, and the pods can be ground with a pestle and mortar when needed. Golpar is an ingredient in Advieh, the national spice blend of Persia, and by itself it is added to bean and lentil dishes, as it is thought to reduce flatulence. Other popular uses are to season pomegranate, and in a salad with lentils and beetroot. It also works well used to season mushrooms. Finally golpar is commonly ground and mixed with salt to make a seasoning called golpar namak.

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