Cinnamon Berry

The cinnamon berry originates from China, and comes across as a delightful mix of cinnamon and pepper with a very strong cinnamon aroma and floral notes, in fact the taste could maybe be best described as like a chai spice blend. Very rare and exotic, the berry has been used for centuries and pops up in mediaeval recipes including mulled wine, pickles and marinades, and also the ‘pfeffernusse’, a hard biscuit enjoyed in Germany at Christmas time. It is also considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs/spices used in traditional Chinese medicine. More modern uses include using in stewed fruit and fruit compote (in the same way you would use cloves or allspice), and in marinades for meat or poultry. It is also very good when added to a peppercorn mix for the grinder, giving an added aroma and depth. All in all, cinnamon berry is a fascinating new addition to our range!

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