Blue Fenugreek, powder

Blue fenugreek is a relative of fenugreek which is native to the Caucasus region, and it is an essential ingredient in Georgian cooking in particular (interestingly, it grows only in the mountains of northern Georgia and not in the south of the country, and is known as 'utshko suneli' – foreign spice – in the south). Blue fenugreek has a milder, less bitter and astringent taste than regular fenugreek. Its principal use is as a part of the Georgian national spice blend Khmeli Suneli, and also it is added to stews and casseroles, working so well here because its flavour develops and intensifies with long cooking, and it also seems to bring out the other flavours involved. Blue fenugreek is found in another area, that being the Alps of Europe, and here the dried leaves are used as a herb added to a few varieties of cheese, and as a flavouring in local rye breads.

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