Black Salt-Ground

Black salt is an unrefined mineral salt from India that is actually pink in colour.  It is widely used in Indian curry blends, pickles and chutneys.  Chaat Masala, an Indian blend of spices, is based on black salt mixed in with spices like mango powder, pomegranate seeds, black peppercorns & cumin seeds.  This mix is traditionally sprinkled onto fruit salads, savoury snacks or yoghurt based marinades to give a tangy flavour to the food.  Used on its own it has a strong sulphuric flavour.  As strange as this may sound black salt mimics the taste of eggs making it a good alternative to eggs for vegans.  Black salt is not a substitute for salt and to enjoy its flavour always use a small amount mixed in with other spices.  Combines well with lemon juice and pomegranate seeds or powder.

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