Baobab Powder

Long recognised as being beneficial to health in its native Africa the baobab fruit is now becoming more well known as a bona fide superfood. The fruit is consumed in powder form, and is more of a supplement than an ingredient – it can be added to smoothies and juices, and also to salad dressings, and the most basic way of using it is to dilute in water (in fact it can be eaten ‘straight’, like an incredibly healthy sherbet!). Baobab has a slightly tangy taste to it, so it also works well in anything citrus-based. It really is packed with goodness – one of the best sources of Vitamin C around, full of fibre and also it contains more antioxidants than either goji or acai berries. The fruit also contains very high levels of pectin which means it will help set jams, jellies or chutneys.

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