Annatto Seeds

Also known as ‘Achiote seeds’, a mild spice used in Latin American, Carribean & Filipino cuisines.  It imparts a deep red colour to food, making it a wonderful natural food colouring.  It has been used for centuries to colour cheeses such as Red Leicester. The taste is a combined mix of sweet, tart and peppery flavours and is wonderful if you want your dish to have a bright and exotic appearance.  Add seeds directly to the cooking liquid or infuse 1 tsp in 1/2 cup of hot water until the desired colour is obtained, discard seeds then pour into stocks, rice, bolognese sauces, tandoori dishes, fish & more.  Another method is to fry approx 2 tbsp of seeds in 1 cup oil until the oil becomes a dark orange/red colour then strain the oil mixture into your dish as required.  Because of the strong dye properties don’t forget your apron!

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