Turmeric Latte

There are few things more healthy and invigorating in the morning than a cup of Turmeric Latte, or Golden Milk. This new Spice Mountain blend makes it easy to make your own, combining turmeric with Ceylon cinnamon, ginger, vanilla powder, cardamom and black pepper. It’s not only the turmeric that’s healthy here, with the other spices all having their own health benefits too. To make your Turmeric Latte, simply stir 1/2tsp (use a small whisk if you have one) of the blend into your milk of choice – almond, coconut, soy and of course dairy all work beautifully as a great way to start the day! And likewise, the milk can be sweetened with your choice of sweetener; whether it be honey, coconut sugar or even date syrup, they’d all work well. You can also use the blend for smoothies, energy balls, and to make an energy-giving turmeric tonic; simply blend apple, carrot, lemon, mint leaves and Turmeric Latte spice for a real boost to the system.

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