Peruvian Spice Rub

One of our own creations, this spicy rub is based on the two most popular chillies in Peru, the aji amarillo and the aji penca. This mix brings a true flavour of the Andes to your cooking. The powdered chillies are hand-blended with other traditional Peruvian spices, together with our own magic touch, kaffir lime powder.
The citrus of the kaffir lime lifts and intensifies the deep fruity flavour of the chillies, making this perfect to rub over chicken and particularly fish before grilling, in the same way the Caribbean islanders use jerk seasoning. The yellow amarillo and the darker penca combine to give a gorgeous colour to the food, and the whole combination of ingredients will give off a deliciously spicy aroma..
This vibrant mix is also very effective when used as a seasoning on roast sweet potatoes, and to give a tasty twist to traditional roasties.

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