Patatas Bravas blend

One of the most popular Spanish dishes of all, Patatas Bravas is always one of the first picks from the tapas menu! Fried potatoes spiced up with a blend based on smoked paprika, the dish can be enjoyed as a snack with drinks, or as part of a larger meal. It is one of those things that has a million variations depending on where you order it, but when done properly totally delicious. Our favourite way is to make a quick tomato sauce with the blend – simply heat through a carton of passata seasoned with four or five teaspoons of Patatas Bravas blend, then drizzle the sauce over your fried potatoes. A 'dry' version can be made simply by tossing the fried potatoes in the spice blend. The blend can be used for other things too – it is very good when used to season a tomatoey chicken casserole, will give ratatouille a warn, spicy twist, and goes particularly well with eggs. However you use Patatas Bravas blend, it will give a splash of Spanish sunshine to your cooking.

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