Mediterranean Bruschetta

Everybody loves garlic bread, and our Mediterranean Bruschetta Mix offers the perfect way to take yours onto the next level!
Bruschetta is thought to have originated in Roman times, and its name derives from the old Roman dialect for 'roasting over coals'.
Made up from sun-dried tomato, garlic, oregano, chilli and our special touch, orange peel, you only need to rehydrate the mixture in a little hot water before mixing with a little olive oil and applying to bread. A few minutes in a hot oven and, bravo!  The perfect starter or snack. Delicious, and highly addictive.
The addition of orange peel gives this mix its unique twist, the citrus sweetness adding a genuinely Mediterranean flavour. Apart from bruschetta, this mix is excellent when added to a beef stew (where the orange comes into its own), and a rehydrated spoonful mixed into fried potatoes at the last minute makes an ideal sun-kissed accompaniment.


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