Harissa Spice

Harissa, Moroccan Spice

A fiery North African condiment, Harissa is usually found in the form of a paste, but the dry spice blend is a healthier way of using it as it contains no oil. Harissa is very versatile (though very spicy) – it can be added to sauces requiring spiciness and strong robust flavours, or it can be used as a spice rub before roasting meats or fish. Although Harissa is hot, the sweet flavours of caraway and mint mellow it down nicely. Adding tomatoes will also help reduce the heat.

Harissa is also a common seasoning for couscous.

For those wishing to make a paste, this is easily done by adding a dash of hot water to the spice blend and covering it with olive oil. This mixture will keep in the fridge for 2 weeks.

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