Falafel blend

It is difficult to walk far in the Middle East without passing a falafel shop – falafel is the go-to fast food of the area, and also of course in many areas around the world where Middle Eastern people have settled. It is fast, delicious and filling with the garnish of sauces and salads, and a totally satisfying meal. Our falafel blend allows you to prepare this treat at home – featuring coriander, cardamom, ginger and garlic among others it will lend the true taste of the Levante to your falafel. Traditionally made with broad (fava) beans, nowadays falafel are usually made with chickpeas, and ‘instant’ falafel mix is widely available in Turkish and Asian shops (if using these, simply add a couple of teaspoons of falafel blend and proceed according to packet instructions). Great for lunch with salad and pitta bread, and also perfect for the party buffet. Falafel blend can also be used as an all-purpose seasoning for Middle Eastern dishes, especially a teaspoon added to a tahini sauce, for example.

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