Cinnamon Sugar

Sugar and spice make all things nice, the saying goes, and this is certainly true in the case of this simple blend of cinnamon and fine white sugar. The already sweet, woody and aromatic flavour of the cinnamon balances perfectly with the sugar, which in turn actually helps intensify the flavour of cinnamon. While it is versatile, this blend comes into its own in the sweets and patisserie area. It is wonderful when used to dust pastries (especially profiteroles) and cakes, or when used to give a custard or white sauce a lift. It can be stirred into your morning porridge, or sprinkled on hot buttered toast for an equally delicous breakfast.  But perhaps best of all, use cinnamon sugar sprinkled over the top of a classic English bread and butter pudding before slipping it under a hot grill for a minute to give it a crunchy, sweet and exotic crust. With this blend, the proof is definitely in the pudding!

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