Chermoula, Moroccan Seasoning

A North African/ Moroccan blend of herbs & spices that is usually used to flavour fish or seafood. This blend can be used as a simple seasoning for grilling fish & various types of meats, or it makes a juicy marinade simply by mixing with three basic ingredients; olive oil, crushed garlic and fresh lemon juice. Key notes are cumin, paprika and dried parsley. Try marinating some tiger prawns or cooking mussels with Chermoula for a delicious starter, or similarly adding a teaspoon to a pumpkin soup for something a little different.

Chermoula is often also used as a blackening spice. This is a method of cooking that involves applying a generous amount of spice over meat that has been dipped in melted butter, and then searing in a hot skillet until the outside of the meat turns into a crispy dark crust whilst keeping a juicy and tender centre. The flavour achieved by doing this is spicy, smokey & juicy.

Although fish and seafood are the traditional ingredients on which to use Chermoula, I’ve found that chicken and lamb also get  fantastic results.

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