Buffalo Hot Wings Seasoning

There can be few foods more deeply satisfying than Buffalo Wings – juicy chicken, crispy skin, and a zingy, spicy coating combine for a real flavour explosion! This is why they are still one of the most popular starters in restaurants, and also a streetfood favourite. They are also quick and easy to make at home, and our new Buffalo rub provides all the seasoning you need! The blend is paprika based, with some habanero chilli added to give a bit of fire, and of course garlic is also included. Traditionally the wings are either deep fried or oven baked, and they are also perfect for the BBQ. Rub the wings with a little olive oil before seasoning generously with Buffalo blend – the oil will help the spice stick to the wings. Serve alongside some good dipping sauces – spicy barbecue or blue cheese are our favourites.

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