Bengali 5 Spice

Bengali 5 Spice

This traditional spice mixture from the Bengal region of India  is also known as Panch Puran (there are also a few variations on the spelling). Its  flavours are wonderful; spicy, fragrant and aromatic all at the same time.

In Bengali cuisine, this aromatic blend of spices is used to flavour vegetables, dal & fish. The seeds are always used whole, NEVER ground. First, they are fried in hot oil to flavour the oil and then the other ingredients are added. Immediately after the small seeds begin to pop the other ingredients should be added.  Be very careful not t  allow the seeds to burn, as this will result in a bitter taste!

In Bengal, Panch Puran  is never used with meats;  however there is no reason why you can’t experiment using this spice mixture with chicken, lamb or beef.

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