Beetroot Latte

Nowadays asking for a Latte doesn’t just get you a coffee. The word has been adopted to cover healthier caffeine free drinks such as Beetroot Latte, the perfect fusion of juice bar and coffee shop styles. New to our range is this lovely Beetroot Latte blend which gives you the chance to make this invigorating drink at home. We combine vibrant, energising beetroot powder with coconut milk powder and spices including ginger and Ceylon cinnamon. The blend is sweetened with coconut sugar, and the result is a perfect pick-me-up, a way to start the day with real energy. The blend works well hot or cold with whichever type of milk you prefer, be it almond, soy, coconut or dairy. Please note that the coconut milk powder we use contains a dairy derivative, so this product is not suitable for Vegans.

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