Every cuisine has its ‘definitive’ blend – ras el hanout in North Africa, garam masala in India, 5 spice in China – and advieh belongs to Persia, nowadays Iran and the surrounding countries. With its base of rose petals, and including cardamom and nutmeg, advieh is a stunningly aromatic mix which when added to a stew will give it real depth and fragrance. In Persia, advieh is used as an all-purpose seasoning and is an essential ingredient in the national dish Polo, a luxurious rice pilaf. A really good way to use advieh is in dishes involving beans and pulses, and it will give an exotic touch to a lentil soup or a three-bean salad dressing. For desserts, try adding a little advieh to a rice pudding, where the rose petal and cardamom will give a unique and delicious flavour, or use to turn a simple orange sorbet into a true flavour experience!

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