Salt/Pepper Grinder

We have carefully selected these attractive and durable grinders to suit our range of salts and peppers. They are the perfect size (11.8cm in height) to ensure that your condiments remain fresh, and their design means that the condiment you have chosen is visible, especially attractive when using peppercorn mixes or salts which have a touch of colour.

Fitted with a ceramic grinding mechanism, these little acrylic grinders are ideal to have around the kitchen when you need a quick twist of seasoning, and they are easy to fill and use. Furthermore they are inexpensive, which means that if you are a bit of a salt & pepper addict like myself, this gives you the chance to have a number of grinders handy in your kitchen, filled with some of the many different salts and peppers available – a great chance to experiment with the distinctive flavours each one offers. A great addition to any kitchen!

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