Pork Seasoning

This blend is specially made to bring the best out of pork, the seasonings and spices carefully selected to give an aromatic and succulent flavour. It works best when used as a rub or seasoning for grilled pork chops and escalopes, and to give a classic roast pork an extra lift. It can also be used to season any pork-based stew, and is great to have handy if you ever get the urge for making your own sausages (especially if you are going to be making sausage rolls) or burgers made with pork mince. Use a teaspoon or two of Pork Seasoning to give your onion gravy extra body and flavour before pouring over bangers and mash, or to make a delicious creamy mushroom sauce to go with chops. A blend which is the perfect partner for anything porky!

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