Mexican Chilli Lime

This seasoning is found on pretty much every restaurant table in Mexico under the brand name Tajin. It is a blend of salt, lime zest and two of Mexico’s most popular chillies, guajillo and habanero, and the combination will liven up pretty much anything! It is an irresistible melange of salty, spicy and zesty, truly mouth-watering. The Mexicans use it a lot on fruit such as mango and melon, and it also works fantastically well on pineapple. Of course there is no reason not to add this blend’s character to savoury cooking – a generous sprinkle on grilled chicken or pork chop will take these simple foods to a new level, and it will lift salsas and tomato sauces to make them even more zingy and zesty. The salt used is very fine, meaning it dissolves quickly onto the food, and subtle enough to let the lime and chilli come through. The use of habanero gives it a distinct kick, but it is not too fiery to put off those who don’t like really hot food. Also it works wonders in certain cocktails – try using instead of normal salt to line the rim of the glass for a Margherita for a true taste of Mexico! It will give a Bloody (or indeed Virgin) Mary real depth and character, and in Mexico it is added to the famous Michelada, a popular ‘cocktail’ of beer (only Mexican beers such as Sol or Corona will do!) and tomato juice. This blend will have a permanent place in the Spice Mountain pantry, and is highly recommended.

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