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Lemon Pyramid Salt, Cyprus

Cypriot Pyramid salt is produced by a unique process of evaporation which can take up to two years, and it is this process which results in the dazzling pyramid shape of the salt flakes. It has a subtle yet deep flavour, and a wonderful flaky texture. Here the salt is combined with lemon, resulting in one of our favourite specialty salts of all! The colour of the salt is a beautiful sunflower yellow, and the citrus flavour of the lemon really shines through. The salt is perfect for roasting fish or chicken, all you need to add is a drizzle of olive oil – minimum seasoning for maximum flavour. The salt keeps its flaky, crunchy texture even after cooking. Its beautiful appearance also makes it great for using as a garnish, and finally, try giving the vinegar a miss on those chips and simply use this amazing lemon salt all by itself!

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