Lebanese Kofte Kebab

A very popular street food throughout the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent, kofta are made of seasoned minced meat (usually lamb) which is moulded onto a skewer and then grilled over charcoal or wood. It is also common to find kofta shaped into balls when the kofta are to be cooked in sauce. Each country has its own unique seasoning for kofta, and this blend is typical of Lebanon. We mix the aromatic notes of cinnamon, clove, cardamom and nutmeg with mint and parsley, together with black pepper and chilli for a gentle kick, all rounded off with the warm earthiness of cumin. While lamb is the meat of choice in Lebanon, the mix works just as well with beef mince, and can be used to give your barbecue burgers an exotic twist. The blend is also fantastic used to season veggieburgers, and can be used to give a Middle Eastern flavour to casseroles and stews, while blending a teaspoon or two with some natural yoghurt will make an authentic sauce for your kofta. And for fans of Indian food, by combining kofta seasoning with a bit of tandoori masala you can make your own Seekh Kebab!

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