Garlic Granules

The flavour of garlic is universally popular, but not so much fun is the peeling and chopping necessary when using fresh garlic. Many ways have been found to cut out this middleman, as it were, but our favourite is definitely granules- so easy to use and yet packed with even more garlic flavour than fresh, and without that 'allium', acid note that some people find unpleasant in fresh garlic. We have two kinds of granules available:
REGULAR This can be used anywhere you would use fresh garlic, but remember that its flavour is somewhat more intense than fresh, so a little definitely goes a long way. These granules are especially good for such favourites as garlic bread, aioli and pasta sauces, and they will infuse wonderfully in olive oil to be used for salad dressings or just as a table condiment.

SMOKED The garlic used for these granules has been smoked for 72 hours, giving a deliciously vibrant flavour with barbecue and fireside notes. We find the smoked granules particularly good for making rubs and marinades, when combined with other spices and herbs – try mixing with smoked paprika, fresh thyme and celery salt for a rub to use on pretty much anything, even burgers which will be barbecued.

Both varieties of garlic granules are a store cupboard essential for those times when you don't have time to use fresh, or those times when you have run out, and in certain cases we would turn to the granules first anyway. Highly recommended!

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