Green Chimichurri Salsa or Sauce


One of the highlights of Argentinean cuisine is Chimichurri, a spice mix which is used as the base for a sauce which accompanies anything grilled, particularly steak. The sauce is from the same family as the Spanish and Italian salsa verde, mixing vibrant herb flavours with the sharp notes of lemon juice or vinegar and the heat of chilli. Our chimicurri mix blends chilli, oregano, parsley, coriander seed and salt. To prepare, simply mix 2-3tsp with olive oil and either lemon juice or a nice sweet balsamic vinegar, and let stand for an hour or two. Chimichurri can also be used as a rub for grills and roasts, and is one of the best seasonings for any barbecue. This is where it is used most commonly in Argentina, where no berbecoa would be complete without plenty of this zingy, punchy blend. In addition, chimichurri is fantastic when spread on ciabatta to make bruschetta, and can be used as an all-purpose seasoning for a wide range of dishes.

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