Frost Salt, Egypt

In the depths of the Egyptian desert, between the oasis of Bahariya and the city of Qasr el Farafra,  a Bedouin and his son discovered one of most delicious of secrets when they tapped into a hidden salt quarry left behind by a 70 million year old sea.
They dug into the quarry and and collected this crystalline salt, which takes its name from its dazzling frost-like appearance. In fact, it looks just like freshly fallen snowflakes!
It has an extraordinary texture, as compared to regular salt; it is very soft and very dry, meaning it melts slowly, thus holding its shape and appearance even when added to hot food. This makes this unique salt excellent for decoration – it will grace even your most delicate dishes, and reflects the simple beauty of its source. It has a vibrant salty taste to match its soft texture and really is the most perfect finishing salt.
For a touch of genuine luxury, try rolling homemade caramel in frost salt or some grilled crayfish with herbs and frost salt.– a feast for the eyes and for the tastebuds!


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