Voatsiperifery Pepper

Voatsiperifery Pepper

The name of this pepper is derived from the local Malagasy language where Voa means ‘the fruits’ and tsiperifery translates to ‘this pepper vine’. This incredibly rare and little known wild pepper comes from the fruit that only grow on the young, new grown shoots of the vine and are hand harvested in the wild by farmers only once a year. 10 kilos of fresh berries yields approximately 1 kilo of dried peppercorns.

The taste of this pepper is woody and earthy, with a medium heat. But perhaps its most distinguished feature lies with its light and zesty flavours.  Of course it be used in place of your regular black pepper but consider it as your pepper of choice for your best dishes.

Yes it is an expensive spice compared to its other relatives but if you use it as a special treat it will be rewarding. Use a mortar & pestle to crush them and add the spice just before serving to excite your tastebuds!

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