Long Pepper

Long Pepper

Long Pepper, (Piper Retrofactum) the Indonesian variety, is absolutely brilliant. With its slightly hotter flavour than ordinary black pepper, this amazing pepper packs a lot more than just heat. The taste is wonderful, very aromatic and full of flavour. Alongside the peppery spiciness, Long Pepper delivers a taste similar to that of mixed spice. A lingering, aromatic warmth!

Long Pepper can be used in place of regular black pepper. Naturally great in any savoury dish but also wonderful in sweet dishes. Try a light sprinkling on fresh pineapple slices or to cut through the richness of a chocolate cake.

It truly is a wonderful enhancement to any dish!

On an Ayurvedic level, long pepper is a great morning ‘pick me up’. Grind half a pepper and heat together with a cup of milk in a pan. A little word of warning…this drink will be spicy but you will enjoy the benefits throughout the day!

To use, grind in a mortar & pestle.

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