Strawberry Powder, freeze-dried

It takes 100kg of delicious fruit to make 10kg of our freeze-dried fruit powders, and the process used retains all the colour and flavour of the fresh product.
If we had to choose a food which defines the flavour of the British summertime, the strawberry would be very near the top of our list. This powder gives you the chance to have that wonderful taste close to hand all the time, and it can be used in so many ways. Its bright colour and fresh flavour makes it perfect for jellies, sorbets and ice cream, and it will make the best strawberry milkshake the kids have ever tasted! It can also of course be used in other drinks, such as lassi, juices, smoothies and cocktails. For a luxurious drink to kick off that summer party just add some strawberry powder to champagne, and for making the perfect strawberry daquiri you need look no further. If you are a fan of making your own jams and preserves, the powder will give your strawberry jam a real boost of colour and flavour. And the powder is equally effective when used in baking and desserts, such as in muffins, pancakes and cookies. Concentrated sunshine in a tub – what could be better?

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