‘Spiritualised’ Gin and Cocktails Botanicals Kit

This new line was inspired by our friend Marcus, who like all true Englishmen loves a snifter or two, and is not afraid to explore new avenues in the world of booze! Imagine his delight when he received as a gift from his Mum, a ‘gin & tonic botanicals kit’ which she had bought in Spain. Marcus told us about this and how much fun it was, and suggested such a kit might be a perfect new item in the Spice Mountain range. We agreed, and Spiritualised is the result! Marcus’ Mum’s favourite botanical, by the way, is rosemary.

The Spiritualised kit includes a selection of four carefully chosen botanical blends;

The zesty, tropical qualities of Kaffir lime leaves will add an exotic citrus perfume and flavour to your gin. It is particularly good when used in a Spanish-style ‘gintonic’, which tends to be a bit larger than the English, and will also work wonderfully well in long cocktails such as a Tom Collins or a Singapore Sling. Use a couple of leaves per drink

A mix of pungent and delicate pepper notes, this combination will give your drink a deep, lovely warmth and bring a tingle to the palate! This peppercorn mix works well in a classic Gibson or Martini, but comes into its own when used to pep up a Negroni, where it combines beautifully with the orange elements of the cocktail. Use a couple of corns of each pepper per drink.

This herby, floral blend of rosemary and lavender brings a touch of Mediterranean magic to your gin and tonic, giving it the flavours of a summer evening in Provence! A good idea is to use some of this blend in a gin-based Pimms, and it works well in fruity, sweeter cocktails. A little goes a long way with this pungent combination, so use with discretion for the best results – a pinch will work perfectly.

The exotic flavours of cardamom pods and rose petals combine beautifully to give your gin and tonic an aroma of Arabian Nights! This blend is especially good when used to infuse your gin before you make up the drink, and is effective used in ‘short’ drinks – it gives a pink gin such a makeover, for example. Use a teaspoon per double shot of gin.

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