Spice Tin

Known as a Masala Dabba, this traditional Indian spice tin is ideal for keeping your most-used spices handy, convenient and stored neatly.

Made of stainless steel, we have 2 types on offer:

1. the tin features 7 individual containers, a lid that covers the 7 tubs of spices and another main lid (all made of stainless steel)


2. the tin features 7 individual containers and a transparent lid so the spices are visible and creates an attractive appearance in your kitchen.

Unless you state your preference with regard to the type of tin required, we will send you either one of the above type.

The most common spices that an Indian family store in their spice tin are mustard seeds, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, green/black cardamom, chillies, turmeric. These are the basic spices needed to make a curry powder.

Our tins are supplied ’empty’ so you can fill them according to your spice preference.

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