Pineapple powder, freeze-dried

The latest in our range of 100% freeze-dried fruit powder is tangy, sweet pineapple. One of the most popular tropical fruits, pineapple is really versatile, turning up in savoury dishes as well as sweet. This powder is the easy way to bring that tropical flavour into play in all your cooking – it is great for baking and caking, and of course in juices and smoothies. A lovely way to use the powder is to combine with smoked sugar and sprinkle over a pineapple topped tart or cake before the final ten minutes in the oven. In savoury cooking, this powder makes a fantastic base for a sweet and sour sauce, or the sauce for a Chinese style duck with pineapple, and also in an Indian dhansak. It can be added to Asian salad dressings for sweetness, and makes an interesting veggie stirfry when combined with chilli or black pepper, both of which pair very well with pineapple.

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