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Liquid Smoke 118ml


Liquid smoke is used to imitate the appealing flavour and aroma of real smokehouse wood without going to the trouble of doing so.  This is done by smoking a type of wood called Hickory and condensing the smoke. This all natural product has been traditionally added to salami’s and dried meats but in more recent times it has featured in many modern recipes. It is an excellent product that can be added to any of your weekly meals to achieve a real bbq flavour.

Liquid smoke can be added to marinades and/or spice rubs for use with any types of meats or it can be sprayed directly onto the cooked meat. It can be used in homemade burgers and meatballs, to make smoky ribs and pulled pork, in casseroles, in the making of sausages, to make smoky roasted nuts and so much more. It is also delicious when used with tofu and other vegetarian products.

A little goes a long way so use according to taste. I like to spray it on after my meal has cooked.

We have 2 lovely flavours of liquid smoke available.

Original Hickory: Provides a strong smoky flavour

Maple Hickory: This is hickory wood mixed with natural maple flavour to provide a more subtle smoky flavour and is ideal for use with fish.

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