Champignon crumbs

These tiny crumbs really are full of flavour! Produced from button mushrooms, they are 100% natural with no added ingredients and give a lovely depth to anything in which they are used. They are very versatile, and also so convenient. A couple of teaspoons of Champignon crumbs will enrich soups, sauces, stews and gravies without overpowering them, and the pale colour the crumbs have makes them especially good for using in cream sauces for pasta, chicken or fish. Added to a mushroom risotto they will give it a lovely earthy boost, and they can be used in a delicious dressing for pasta when mixed with olive oil, flat-leaf parsley and garlic for a light lunch or supper. They work well in Chinese dishes, especially soups or noodles when they can be used as a garnish as well as an ingredient. And for a great example of ‘keeping it simple’, mix Champignon crumbs with cream cheese to spread on bagels or bread. A really useful ingredient to add to your pantry, you will find yourself using these much more often than you might expect!

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