Blackcurrant Powder, freeze-dried

It takes 100kg of delicious fruit to make 10kg of our freeze-dried fruit powders, and the process used retains all the colour and flavour of the fresh product.
One of the healthiest fruits, these intensely coloured little berries are packed full of vitamin C and antoxidants. This powder retains all the distinctive tart taste of blackcurrant, and can be used in many ways, both sweet and savoury. It makes a great alternative to blackcurrant cordial, and its advantage here is that it does not contain any of the sugar you find in cordial (bear in mind here that you lose the sweetness sugar adds to such a tart fruit). In a similar vein, you can make really refreshing champagne kir royale by replacing the crème de cassis with blackcurrant powder, and this method cuts down the alcohol your kir contains significantly! In desserts blackcurrant matches really well with dark chocolate – try adding a few teaspoons to the mix for a chocolate fudge cake, this is so delicious. Because the powder retains blackcurrant’s natural pectin content, it is particularly good for making jam, and it makes a light and refreshing pudding when simply blended with natural yoghurt. For a dinner party dish with a surprising difference, dissolve in a pan a couple of teaspoons of blackcurrant powder with sugar and a drop of water, then use this to glaze duck breast fillets before roasting – a great twist on the classic duck a l’orange.

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