Banana Powder, freeze-dried

It takes 100kg of delicious fruit to make 10kg of our freeze-dried fruit powders, and the process used retains all the colour and flavour of the fresh product.
The banana is one of the fruits that is probably more used to flavour products than it is eaten by itself, and this powder is a really effective way of introducing the tropical taste of banana into your sweet cooking. Used in combination with fresh, it will make the most delicious banana bread, and it is fantastic used in muffins, pancakes and scones. Try adding a couple of spoons to the condensed milk caramel to top a banoffee pie. It is great to make a refreshing banana lassi, and of course will produce a milkshake to keep the kids happy – added to which it will take that old school favourite banana custard to the next level. It can be used in ice creams, mousses and pannacotta, matching really well with their creamy base, and another great match is with chocolate – try giving a chocolate ganache or fondant a dusting of banana powder for a delicious difference. Finally, it is absolutely brilliant added to homemade toffee. So good in so many things, this great product will drive you bananas trying to choose what to use it for next!

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