Yuzu Peel

A citrus fruit grown in Japan, Korea and China, the flavour of Yuzu is often described as a cross between a grapefruit and a mandarin, a delicious bittersweet combination. Although almost never eaten as a fresh fruit, its peel is widely used in dishes from the area as an aromatic, especially in Japan where it is used as a seasoning as well as a flavouring agent, and it is an important ingredient in miso soup. The peel can also be used in many sweet dishes, and gives an interesting and exotic twist to marmalades or cakes where you would normally use orange peel or zest – try using it in Crepes Suzette for an exotic twist on a classic dessert! The rehydrated peel, cut into fine slivers, can also be used as a garnish, and it is combined with chillies in Japan to make a spicy sauce which is very popular. Recently, craft breweries have begun using Yuzu to flavour beer, especially pale ales and wheat beers which benefit from the burst of acid, citrus sweetness they bring.

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