Kaffir Lime Leaf Powder

Kaffir lime leaves originate from Southeast Asia, and bring a delightful, aromatic and fresh flavour to dishes which contain them. A staple seasoning in Thailand, they are used to bring an acid balance to the fierce chilli heat which Thai food often contains. The flavour of kaffir lime leaves is earthier and sweeter than standard lime juice or zest, but with the same citrus base. Using the powdered leaves brings a stronger, more concentrated flavour than the fresh, and if too much is used your food will become too bitter, so use with caution. 1/3 of a teaspoon will bring the equivalent flavour of one dried leaf. The powder can be especially delicious when used in any seafood dish – just add to your marinade, or include it in the seasoning mix you use when cooking. This powder also adds a delicious twist to sweet chilli dipping sauce, giving it a citrus tang which will bring your spring rolls to life!

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