Salts Tube

Travel the world of Spice Mountain by tube, with this collection of four speciality salts attractively packaged in an easy-to-store container. The salts tube includes four lovely salts which will make you think differently about this common condiment, both for cooking and for the table. The Salts Tube includes;

Pink Himalayan – a lovely rose pink salt from the Himalayas, with a subtle flavour, this can be used as an all-purpose salt both for the kitchen and for the table.

Black Lava – unprocessed sea salt blended with purified volcanic charcoal, this is a gourmet finishing salt with a bold and intense flavour.

Smoked Salt – A clean and pure English salt which has been smoked slowly for 120 hours over oak to give a sweet, smoky flavour and aroma.

Lemon Salt – pure, quality sea salt infused with lemon peel, this has a strong flavour with equally strong citrus notes, and an attractive pale yellow colour.

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