Fruit Powders Tube

Travel the world of Spice Moutain by tube, with this collection of four 100% freeze-dried fruit powders from our range. The powders boast all the flavour, colour and goodness of fresh fruit, and are great for increasing your creativity in the kitchen, especially when it comes to baking and caking. The Fruit Powders Tube includes;

Raspberry – everyone loves the tart, forest sweetness of the raspberry, and it can be used in desserts, bakery and perhaps best of all in jam.

Banana – one of the fruits that is perhaps more used to flavour things than it is eaten itself, this powder is the easy way to get that tropical taste into your cooking.

Strawberry – the flavour of the British summertime, this powder lets you have that sunshine flavour and colour close to hand in the kitchen at all times.

Blackcurrant – one of the healthiest fruits, this powder retains all those benefits, full of Vitamin C and antioxidants, and so handy to use in cooking both sweet and savoury.

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